Shop furniture, office furniture and interior design

Triss is the new look at furnishing

Novel, well-thought-out and intriguing shop design is the first step to excite interest in the offer. It encourages customers to enter and find out about clothes, shoes and cosmetics offering. When properly matched with business profile it creates positive brand image. We also produce office furniture with outstanding design and ergonomic construction. Structure is fitted to accommodation plan, room size and company shape. It allows space furnishing in eye-catching and practical way.

We make shop and business furniture of special material that is Corian. The raw material was developed in 1967 as the work of DuPont brand. It consists of 1/3 acrylic resin and 2/3 natural minerals including particularly valuable aluminium hydroxide (ATH). As a result of applying such proportions one can obtain material with numerous features that are particularly useful from a user's point of view. The most important advantages are: tolerance to UV rays, diversity of colours and shades, easy repair, cleanliness, sublimation prone. We also use other types of materials always bearing in mind estetic value and functionality of ready products.