We Create Space for Your Business

Shops, restaurants, service outlets, offices are commercial spaces successfully created by the Triss Group. Using the creativity of our designers, the potential of our own manufacture and the experience of qualified teams, we create a place for your business. From a concept and project, through implementation, adaptation, renovation and assembly.

Who We Are


Project team


Implementation team

25 years of experience

Group Triss is a combination of the competence of Triss Commercial Interiors and the effectiveness of the Trs Compact Team, which operate in tandem from the beginning of its existence.

Triss Commercial Interiors is a team of specialists who will design your company’s headquarters and a space for your business. In our manufacture, we turn even the most complex ideas into reality. A modern production line allows us to carry out large projects, guaranteeing quality and deadlines. Original furniture is made in the unique carpentry shop, and qualified craftsmen refine the finest details. The experienced Trs Compact Team adapts the interiors, carries out renovations, assembles furniture and takes care of the last elements of the layout.

How We Work







Simply put?

We coordinate a selected phase or the entire investment process so that it becomes a driving force for the development of your company. 

When you want to change your office, open a restaurant or rebrand a store chain, we get to know your needs, possibilities and expectations. We check the technical conditions, look for the best solutions and create a design taking into account the budget and schedule. We take action. In the manufacture, furniture and equipment are made of various materials, and designers look after every detail, searching for original accessories. At the same time, the Trs Compact Team adapts and renovates the space. When everything is ready, the assembly and final finishing steps follow. At the end, we organize technical acceptance and bring the investment to the formal finish. With a guarantee of quality and proper deadlines.

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